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XProtect 2019 R2 Release

The 2019 R2 XProtect release contains improvements across three overall catagories:


Easy test license access - Try. Test. Decide.

We’ve made it easier to work with test licenses so you can try before you buy.

More comprehensive end-user agreements

Commit to using our software technology responsibly with the new “Copenhagen Clause” in our end-user license agreement.


Multi-speaker broadcasting directly from the XProtect Web Client

Important announcement? Broadcast it to multiple speakers from wherever you are. This is great news for personnel who need to access their system when they are off-premise, since they can now use the XProtect Web Client for mass communication.

Video Push now supports audio

We are expanding the existing Video Push functionality in XProtect Mobile to include support for audio, so users can stream video and audio directly from their mobile device to the XProtect VMS.


Device Password Management

Manage single and multi-device passwords directly in XProtect for an easier and more secure user experience. With the 2019 R2 release, users can change device passwords per device or per group of devices directly from the XProtect Management Client. This is an easier and faster way to secure the device security system and address potential vulnerabilities. This feature is supported in Device Pack 10.3 for Axis, Bosch and ONVIF compliant devices.

Minimize risk exposure with improved encryption options

XProtect 2019 R2 offers the possibility to use trusted certificates between the XProtect Management Server and XProtect Recording Server for heightened security on server communication. Users of XProtect Mobile can also be confident that the system complies

with the highest security standards in the industry since support is now limited to certificates trusted by a Certificate Authority (CA) only.

These encryption enhancements guarantee the highest level of security in the server communication and network, because trusted CA certificates, unlike self-signed certificates, ensure that all components that communicate with each other follow a reliable encryption process.


- The retirement of XProtect Express and XProtect Professional.

- Farewll to Internet Explorer support for XProtect Web Client

- Goodbye Windows 7 support

To speak to one of our experts about R2 , call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information. Alternatively select the image below to open a more detailed brief

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