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XProtect 2022 R3 Release

Welcome to Milestone’s final XProtect product update of 2022.

2022 R3 delivers a range of improvements to the already successful Milestone XProtect product.

Key improvements include:

  • XProtect Incident Manager available as a licensed add-on for XProtect Express+, XProtect Professional+ and XProtect Expert

  • Search improvements to XProtect Management Client, and XProtect Smart Client

  • UX improvements to XProtect Smart Client and XProtect Web Client

  • SSO support through external IDPs in XProtect Web and XProtect Mobile

  • Mobile Device Management in XProtect Mobile

  • Accessing XProtect Mobile via biometry or other device credentials

  • General performance improvements to XProtect LPR

Note: With XProtect 2022 R3, Windows versions Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 are no longer supported.

To learn more on the improvements provided in 2022 R3, please refer to the table at the bottom of this blog or for a deepr dive, please select the following link to download the official Milestone release notes:

Milestone XProtect 2022 R3 Notes v1
Download PDF • 12.20MB

Alternatively, to speak to one of our experts about 2022 R3, call us on +44 (0)121 782 7200 or email for more information.

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