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Image Management Application Release

PiX is the latest generation of image management software, offering secure indexing, collating, storage and transfer of image and video products.

The unique operational management structure within PiX, allows users to quickly collate imported product to a single or multiple operations to which they relate. Where operational entities exist, product is easily linked, allowing users to keep up to date on the current visuals relating to an operation.

Storage management ensures product is catalogues and saved in a secure and meaningful way.

Secure transfer of images into PiX, is achieved through a dedicated Android or iOS app. The app can be tethered to a capture device, include SLR’s, bodyworn cameras or even keyfobs or by using the mobile devices camera.

Key Features include:

- Web Based Interface

- Secure Mobile App

- Full Audit Trail

- Image & Video Storage

- Operation Based Indexing

- Image & Video Annotation & Watermarking

- Linking to Entity

- Secure Image "Push" Out Mobile App

- Geo-Location of Images & Mobile Devices

- Digital Camera Tethering

To speak to one of our experts about PiX or arrange a demonstration, call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

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