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Flashback4 XProtect API Release

Panoptech has developed and delivered an API for Milestone’s XProtect Video Management Software (VMS) to seamlessly interface with Ovation Systems Limited (OSL) Flashback 4 product.

Through installing the plug- in, users can access the video feeds directly from the Flashback 4, via the Milestones Smart Client as well as review historical recordings via the Milestone Recording Server.

Additional functionality made available within the Smart Client via the plug-in, includes camera switching, live PTZ controls and selection of PTZ pre-sets.

Delivery of this capability now allows organisations to share and manage product from the Flashback 4 within the XProtect environment, rather than as a standalone capability.

For more information on how to access the interface or the capability of the Flashback4 product, please contact Ovation on +44 (0)1844 279638 or email

For more information on Milestone products and bespoke API development, then please call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email

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