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XProtect Rapid Review

Panoptech is pleased to announce the release of Milestone's Rapid Review application which works with its XProtect VMS product.

With XProtect Rapid Review powered by BriefCam, you get an advanced forensic video analytics add-on solution that enables you to quickly review and analyse video content to find what you are looking for, fast.

Features include:

  • Case Management

  • Multi-Camera Search

  • Licence Plate Recognition

  • Proximity Identification

  • Face Mask Detection

  • Apperance Similarity

  • Filter Tolerance

  • Line Crossing

  • Visual Layers

  • Density & Speed Control

  • Soft Control

To speak to one of our experts about the Rapid Review application, please call us on +44 (0)121 782 7200 or email for more information.

Alternatively click on the image below to visit our XProtect Rapid Review webpage, where there is a short video and datasheet available.

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