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XProtect 2021 R2 Release

Welcome to Milestone’s second product update of 2021 !

R2 allows users to benefit from great improvements to the user experience for remote users, a more stable recording server with shorter rebuild time, and more.

XProtect 2021 R2 introduces:

Stabler Recording Server, Shorter Rebuild Time

Regardless of industry, everyone has come to expect reliable and available technology services 24/7. Recording servers are no exception. Windows closing unexpectedly, incorrect system shutdown or simple accidents can lead to corrupted media files, containing video, audio, metadata, and index information about the recorded data. Media files that were not written successfully to the disc are sometimes rendered useless, causing you to miss out on important data or evidence. XProtect is designed to automatically check for such issues by repairing corrupted files and rebuilding index information when necessary. However, repairing or rebuilding that data takes time where access to recordings might be limited. Milestone’s Recording Server 2021 R2 focuses on increasing resilience and stability. It does that by minimizing the amount of data that needs to be rebuilt in case of an unexpected restart. This significantly speeds up the rebuild process, cuts downtime, and gets you back to work faster.

Find the camera you need faster

With 2021 R2, XProtect Mobile supports the ability to gather different camera views into view groups, including floor, building, or location. This capability gives a more direct path toward finding specific cameras and footage and is especially useful for large installations with multiple cameras and sites. The structure of group views is inherited from the XProtect Smart Client's setup. With this addition, all three XProtect Clients now offer a closely aligned user interaction for dealing with cameras and views

The “group view” feature also includes a group search function that allows users to search for views and cameras across the range. This significantly improves the operator’s ability to find relevant footage.

Easily Share Video Streams

The Milestone Open Network Bridge enables frictionless communication between XProtect and other IP video surveillance products. Share video streams between different VMS systems and applications like analytics applications or with third-party stakeholders, and access and retrieve H.264 and H.265 video streams simultaneously.

Updated Driver Pack

Since 2021 R1, we have added support for 450+ new devices, bringing the total of number supported devices to 10,813 offering unmatched flexibility to meet your ongoing business needs.

COMING SOON..... Watch this space! XProtect Rapid REVIEW - a new, easy to use, powerful add-on software solution that enables rapid review, search and analysis of video recordings.

To speak to one of our experts about 2021 R2 , call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

Alternatively click on the image below to visit the official Milestone 2021 R2 webpage

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