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XProtect 2020 R2 Release

In the 2nd XProtect release for 2020, Milestone Systems introduces several new features and capabilities, including:


XProtect Search just got better with three new Search categories and location visualisations. The three new Search categories are people, vehicles and location, providing the user with even more filtering options to quickly home in on the video you are looking for. The Searches work with any device that generates ONVIF-compliant metadata, including specific devices from AXIS and Bosch. The Search results can also be visualised on a map, using location details of the camera location.

Seamless Direct Streaming With no transcoding happening in the Mobile Server, live video is streamed directly to XProtect Mobile and XProtect Web Client, reducing the potential for latency and load on the Mobile Server.

Expanded Adaptive Streaming

Adaptive streaming makes it possible for XProtect Web Client users to receive a lower resolution stream from the Mobile Server when a high-resolution one is not required. This means users get smoother and better user experience as well as reducing the load on the Mobile Server and on the hardware running the XProtect Web Client.

Cyber Security

R2 delivered two new methods ensuring end-to-end security. The first is the ability to connect to new devices to a system on HTTPS, which is a secure protocol for ensuring encrypted communications between system components. The second is improved administration of encrypted communication, using a new Server Configuration Utility which in-turn includes one single page to handle all certificate administration. This will reduce the complexity whilst ensuring the integrity of the system.

Customer Dashboard XProtect R2 delivers further enhancements to the Customer Dashboard including Version Comparison Tools, as well as improved user interface for System Health Monitoring.

XProtect Mobile

There has been delivered in R2, a refresh of the XProtect Mobile Interface. With the advances in streaming capability to mobile devices, Milestone have up dated their mobile interface to be more intuitive and easier to use. New features include the ability to freely move the Picture in Picture preview, showing live video while you are in playback, whilst not obstructing the main view.

To speak to one of our experts about R2 , call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

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