Surpassing 11,000 devices

Updated: Feb 22

With Milestones latest device pack, XProtect VMS now support more than 11,000 devices and is maintaining the pace of adding 1000+ newly supported devices every year.

Whether it is a full-fledged advanced top market device or a simpler and cheaper camera from one of the smaller vendors, Milestone does it all.

Driver Pack 11.9b deliveres new firmware support for devices from the following partners:

  • Axis

  • Pelco

  • IDIS

  • Panasonic

The new driver pack also offers ONVIF updates including: - Onvif Compliance recertification for Onvif profiles G, Q, S and T. - Onvif Profile M compliance certification (only with mandatory features covered).

To speak to one of our experts about the new device pack , call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

Alternatively click on the image below to visit the official device pack launch webpage

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