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New Audio Codec Product Release

It is with great pleasure that Panoptech is able to announce the release of the

CWT-400 Audio Codec.

The CWT-400 has been designed to acts as a bridge between front-end SIP-enabled devices and back-end, ONVIF compliant video management systems (VMS) and applications.

Front-end SIP-enabled audio devices see the CWT-400 as another SIP client. As required, they can call the CWT-400 and start an audio stream, treating it like a codec.

By contrast, a back-end video management system will see the CWT-400 as an ONVIF-compliant video camera. As well as a plain green video image, it also sends the audio stream it is receiving just as if the sound was coming from a video camera.

In the design of the CWT-400 emphasis has been placed on exceptional audio fidelity. It accepts Opus-encoded audio and converts this into AAC.

Features of the CWT-400 include:

  • A Small Footprint

  • 5 Volt Input (Micro USB)

  • RJ45 Network Connection

  • LED Stream Type Indication

  • Line Level Stereo Output

  • Configured though CWT-400 web interface

  • 2U rack-mountable frames (Upto 10 devices)

  • Milestone XProtect Compatible

To speak to one of our experts about the CWT-400, call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

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