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Lockdown Take 2 - Business As Usual

Despite the new lockdown restrictions coming into place on Thursday, we wanted to assure all stakeholders that, going forward, it is “Business As Usual” for Panoptech.

Project architecting, delivery and support continue as normal, all delivered whilst maintaining a safe, secure and strict COVID free working space in our offices and on site.

Whilst the last eight months has been a challenging period, our extensive programme of investing in new infrastructure and technology over the last two years means we have been able to continue to support and deliver into our new and existing customer base. This is also true of the next four week lockdown period we find ourselves in. We are heading into a very busy and critical period for the business, but are well placed to deliver the requirements of our Customers and be able to support key suppliers.

If you have any network requirements you want to discuss, need support on your existing infrastructure or want to use this lockdown period to review current networks/system, then please get in touch with one of our Network Experts on +44 (0)121 782 7200 or email

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