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New Career Opportunities

We have a number of openings in the business which we are putting out there, to source people who want to make a difference. Here at Panoptech every role matters and only through our team of visionary and like-minded experts are we able to deliver solutions and a culture we can truly be proud of.

As part of the growth plan for Panoptech, we are looking to bolster our current Infrastructure and Sales Teams. So if you have something to offer in this technical or sales arena, then let us help you, helping us, unlock your potential and do something brilliant.

Openings include:

  • Microsoft Windows Infrastructure Engineer (Network)

  • Technical Account Manager (Sales)

  • Business Development Specialist (Sales)

For further details on each role, please visit our Careers @ Panoptech webpage or click on the image below.

Sorry but we don't require any recruitment agencies to contact us at this time please.

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