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New 2024 TELTONIKA Price List

As a growing TELTONIKA Partner, Panoptech is pleased to announce that it has released its 2024 Teltonika Price List and this year sees even more savings for customers.

We have seen a good take up on the newly released low cost devices, the RUT200 and RUT901. These two devices offer lower entry price points due to utilising lower cost components.

Functionally the RUT200 has the same capability as the RUT241 and the RUT901 is the same as the RUT950 & RUT951.

Select the image below to access the datasheets for the RUT200 and RUT901. Alternatively visit our TELTONIKA section on our website, under Infrastructure Products.

With the developments and roll out of the UK 5G mobile network, the RUT X50 has become a firm favourite. This has seen the price drop sub £400 and with its feature rich capability means it provides great value and future proof capability for customers.

The price list on the most popular TELTONIKA Routers is available via selecting the image below but if you want any of the range that is not listed or require a quote, then please call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

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