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Panoptech is now Milestone Platinum!

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Panoptech is excited to announce the award of Platinum Channel Partner status from Milestone Systems. A​s the only Milestone Platinum Partner dedicated to servicing UK Law Enforcement (LE), combined with over 20 years’ experience in delivering secure networking and product management solutions, Panoptech is well placed to ensure that customers exacting needs are met and they have access to unrivalled service and support focused for the LE sector. There are currently four levels of Milestone Channel Partner status, ranging from Silver, Gold, Platinum through Diamond, with each level indicating a greater level of experience, support and expertise in delivering the Milestone product portfolio. By attaining Platinum status, Panoptech continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and support to its customers. Having over 50% of the engineering team certified Milestone Integrated Designer, Technician and Engineers, Panoptech has one of the highest levels of qualified resource pools in the UK. Spread across Panoptech’s northern, Midlands and southern offices, customers spread across the length and breadth of the UK can benefit not only from the Milestone Product Portfolio but also from having local support, access to a secure helpdesk and integration expertise on their doorstep. By utilising Panoptech’s in-house software team, together with the open architecture of the Milestone xProtect Video Management Software (VMS), customers can benefit from having bespoke features developed, including integration of edge capabilities and GUI requirements.

To speak to one of our experts, call us on +44 (0)1252 812 055 or email for more information.

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