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COVID-19 Statement

At Panoptech, we value the long-term relationships we have with all our stakeholders and understandably in these unprecedented times, our primary concern is the health of our Employees, Customers, Partners, Suppliers and their respective families.

With the rapidly developing situation regarding Coronavirus COVID-19, we wanted to inform you of the steps which we have put in place and are undertaking, to ensure we are able to continue to operate whilst maintaining safety for everyone.

We have adopted the infection control measures, workplace and travel guidance recommended by UK Government and World Health Organisation (WHO). These include enhanced cleaning and hygiene protocols, ceasing all non-essential travel and encouraging both Employees and Customers to utilise conference calls and video conferencing rather than face-to-face meetings.

Due to the nature of the market which we service and support, we recognise how essential these are to the wider community and as such are committed to support all our Customers through this crisis, within the restrictions we find ourselves bound by.

We would also like to assure all our support/maintenance Customers that our aim is to continue to provide the necessary support levels, all backed up by our previous and ongoing investment in technology and infrastructure for the business. This investment means staff can easily and securely work from home, as well as maintaining core operations in our offices in Fleet, Birmingham and Stockton.

We continue to monitor the ever-evolving situation closely and would like to take this opportunity to thank the dedication of those people battling on the front line against this pandemic, in near impossible conditions. Thank you.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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