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XProtect 2023 R3 Release

Welcome to Milestone’s third and final XProtect product update of 2023.

2023 R3 delivers a range of improvements to the already successful Milestone XProtect product.

Key improvements include:

  • Multiple View Tabs in Smart Client.

  • Web Client Onboarding Feature Guide.

  • Role-Based Alarms in the Smart Client.

  • Managed XProtect Cloud based SQL Database Support for both Azure SQL and AWS RDS.

  • New Design Guidelines for Technology Partners.

  • Updated Device Pack (+13,725 supported devices).

  • Discontinued Software Manager and Screen Recorder.

To learn more on the improvements provided in 2023 R3, please refer to the table at the bottom of this blog or for a deeper dive, please select the following link to download the official Milestone release notes:

Release Notes - Milestone XProtect VMS Products 2023 R3
Download PDF • 142KB

Alternatively, to speak to one of our experts about 2023 R3, call us on +44 (0)121 782 7200 or email for more information.

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