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Panoptech has a team of security cleared Infrastructure Solutions Architects who are experienced in the design, implementation and support of both fixed, mobile and wireless secure networks for the Law Enforcement and Counter Terrorism communities.

With over 15 years experience, Panoptech has come to understand and has gained experience of successfully delivering the separation/integrity requirements around secure data transfer and management, based on the current CESG guidelines. Applications include both short and long-range fixed radio links, carrying both overt and covert data, to internal ethernet networks managing different classifications of information within a Force/Agency. Through Panoptechs unique network designs, interoperability between individual forces and agencies can be easily achieved allowing them to share data on specific operations, whilst maintaining their own network security and integrity. Network services are managed from secure regional Network Operations Centres (NOCs), which ensures maximum uptime of the networks to provide optimal operational continuity for customers.

As the UK’s leading provider of covert/anonymous fixed and mobile telecoms infrastructure, Panoptech can quickly deploy on a short term (month on month) or long term (2 year+ contracts) force telecoms requirements, together with a managed service offering centralised billing and secure cloud hosting.Panoptech have a team of Network Solution Architects who are experienced in the design, implementation and support of both fixed and mobile secure networks, offering secure solutions to the most exacting requirements. Networking solutions include unlimited data mobile SIMs, high speed ADSL & MPLS fixed services, secure APNs, microwave radio links and Ethernet networks. We can plan, configure and install a vast range of network radio equipment, from Point-to-point Ceragon radios to meshed COFDM networks. All engineers are security cleared and work with high integrity and a security based ethos on any networking project.

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