• Data Confidentiality

  • Data Integrity

  • Data Availability

  • Secure Connectivity

  • Content Management & Checking

  • System Auditing

  • Time Syncronisation


“A cross-domain gateway (CDG) is a means of information assurance, using both hardware and software, that provides the ability to access or transfer information between two or more differing security domains.”

Panoptech deliver and maintain X-Domain solutions across many different security classification, organisations and internal networks.

THE X-Domain solution is delivered using a mixture of both Network and Software expertise Panoptech have nurtured and developed within the business and solutions follow three primary principles, namely:

  • Data Confidentiality - Most often imposed by hardware enforced, one-way data transfer.

  • Data Integrity - content management using filtering for viruses and malware; content examination utilities; in high-to-low security transfer

  • Data Availability - security-hardened operating systems, role-based administration access, redundant hardware, etc.

Working closely in partnership with customers, Panoptech X-Domain solutions contain both standard and bespoke elements, ensure the solution meets the exacting need of the customer and Is fit for purpose.