4Secure and Panoptech collaborate to deliver enhanced network security for Government, Law Enforcement and Defence customers.

Security is fast becoming the foundation of any digital system and the level of security deployed is driven by the organisation or missions need for availability, reliability and safety of systems, information and data.

This inherent need for connection and information sharing, against a backdrop of budget cuts, presents our customer daily challenges in delivering enhanced mission capability.

4 Secure is the European Master Distributor of Owl Cyber Defence and IS partnered with Panoptech in delivering a range of high-security, low-cost, data diode based cross-domain security devices. 


Panoptech's customers are benefitting from better, more reliable technology with improved throughput, content inspection and the ability to scale with the project or mission.  All of this capability is provided without any impact to existing classification levels of the data held on the system and a smooth system accreditation process thanks to the high assurance levels and pedigree of technology.

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